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Drift – Mazda FC3S RX7

Minty Fresh Mazda

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Pic of The Day – Nissan Silvia S15

Japanese Retro – Toyota Celica RA28

Video of The Day – 50 Years Sideways

Grab a beer, sit back, relax and enjoy 1.5 hours of rallying history!!

Nissan Skyline R32

End of Year Photo Dump – Part 1

It’s that time of year again! Yes, time for a photo dump! Over the next few days I will upload all the photos/images that I didn’t get a chance/was to lazy to post up from this year. Out with the old and in with the new in 2011!! Enjoy.

Part 1:-

Video of The Day – BDC 2010

Japanese Retro – Toyota AE86

BDC Round 5 Knockhill – Part 2

Photos from the paddock area at BDC Round 5:-

Loads more photos here:- BDC Knockhill

SXOC Drift Practice – Crail

I took a trip down to Crail Raceway on Saturday with some members from JDMtas. There was a drift practice day organised by some of the Scottish members of the SXOC. The track is at the site of an old World War 2 airbase, so plenty of long straights meaning lots of high speed drift action. Steve from MintoFruit was having problems early on with understeer in his Mazda, so to cure the problem it was decided to place his rear 8.5 inch wide Watanabe’s and sticky R888’s on the front. This caused a problem with rubbing and lack of steering lock, so we stripped the front wings and bumper off to cure that problem. It didn’t look very pretty, but worked well!!!! Roll on the next event!!!

Lots more photos over at Thacko Photography

Pic of The Day – JZZ30

Pic of The Day

Video of The Day

Minty Fresh Eunos

Another weekend, and some more time spent working on Mint’s crazy looking Eunos. After selling his Nissan S15 (Minty Fresh S15) at the turn of the year, a new project car was bought. A JDM Import Mazda Eunos Roadster. Straight off a pile of new parts was collected before work could begin. First was a set of HSD coilovers, a set of new brake discs, Bride seat and a set of Takatas. A set of wheels was purchased on a trip to Japan. 2 8×14″ Longchamps & 2 8.5×14″ Watanabes complete with a full set of Bridgestone RE-01 R’s. Obviously with wheels that wide and a set of 4×100 to 4×114  pcd converters some arch work needed. After spending a few hours rolling and streching the arches the wheels were on. Unfortunately the rural Aberdeenshire roads were starting to take there toll on the tyres due to scrubbing, so a 3″ arch cut and reworked set of Jun style arches were installed. After a battle with a set of tractor tyres at a drift day the car needed a bit of sorting out. A bit of straightening and some new paint was in order to the front end. So this weekend we set about spraying the rest of the car changing the colour from red to matt purple. Car now looks better than ever!! Only a few more body mods to do over the coming weeks, then it’s on with the next project car!!! Can’t wait!

Minto Fruit :- For more Build Pics

Thacko Photography:- For more Drift Pics

Random Pic of The Day

Events 2010: EDC Round 2 Knockhill

Well, what can I say about this seasons EDC (European Drift Championship) or as it should now be known the Eight-Car Drift Championship. Very disapointing. Yes the cars were good, yes the drivers were great, yes the entry speeds were high, but to only have 8 cars (and invited only cars) in a championship, well that just seems lame. It now seems to have turned into the WWE wrestling version of drifting. Having read the press release on the EDC website ( press release) about what they are trying to do this year, I just think they have spoilt what they already had.  Having been to watch these events from the start, GT Battle back in 2005 and the 2 D1 exhibition events at Silverstone plus many EDC rounds after I do feel a little bit cheated this year. I got more enjoyment watching the local guys with their ‘Drift Taxi’ antics. Nevermind the BDC is coming to Knockhill later in the year for a real competitive event, so that should be a good day. Anyway, rant over, here are some pics of the EDC cars & Drift Taxis.

European Drift Championship Website

Drifting at Nikko Circuit

Here we have a collection of pics from a recent drift comp (20th December 2009) at Nikko Circuit.

Used and Abused…..


More pics here:-

Minty Fresh S15 Spec R

 I had a visit from Mint at the weekend with his S15 Spec R, probably for the last time!! The car is set to go to it’s new owner in a few weeks time. Before that though would had to remove some interior goodies that he had bought on his many trips to Japan and replace with the original Nissan items. So, Takata’s out, Nardi wheel and quick release boss out, rear seats back in, standards seat belts back in, and standard Spec R steering wheel back on. Just needs a bloody good clean now to make it abit more ‘Minty Fresh’!!

That’s the thing I like about this car though, it gets used everyday, no matter what the Scottish weather can throw at it!! Rain, Snow, Ice, plus touge runs & drift days too.  Not bad for a car that this year won Best Modified Car at the North East Motor Show, helped win best stand at the Japanese Auto Extravaganza & got a write up in Japanese Performance magazine. It scrubs up well!!!

Anyway here are a few shots of the car from the weekend in full ‘dirt’ spec!! plus a few of how it looks when clean (and with Uras front end)

Lots more pics on

Random Pic of The Day

Random Pic of The Day

Video of the Day

Events Archive:- D1 GP, Silverstone 2005

2nd October 2005. The day the D1GP circus came to Silverstone for the first time. The top Japanese D1 drivers came to compete in an exhibition match again the best European drivers. It was great to see the best of the best compete at this high speed circuit. A full day of screaming engines and tyre smoke!!!