Video of the Day

Video of The Day – Bosozoku T.A.S. 2011

Great video that captures the Bosozoku at this years Tokyo Auto Salon.

Found via:- GX61 Riverside


Video of The Day – 50 Years Sideways

Grab a beer, sit back, relax and enjoy 1.5 hours of rallying history!!

Video of The Day – Nostalgic 2 Days 2011

Nostalgic 2 Days 2011  by AUTOnGRAPHIC

Videos:- JCCA New Year Meeting 2011

A few Videos from the Japanese Classic Car Association – New Year Meeting 2011 from Odaiba.

Video of The Day – BDC 2010

Video of The Day


Video of The Day

Video of The Day

Video:- Retro Roadtrip

A video from the guys at Restoredjp. Due to the song lyrics, might be worth turning off the speakers if you are at work!!! If at home, turn it up loud!!

Restoredjp Blog:- Restoredjp

Video of The Day